Best ways to boost membership numbers with gym sales software

By July 9, 2018July 27th, 2018News
gym members in fitness club with gym sales software

Your gym sales software is the best tool you have to boost your membership numbers and spur your business on to success. Whether you manage or work in a gym, health club, or leisure centre, you’re always looking for new ways to grow your member base. You want loyal members who rave about your gym and are eager to refer their friends to you, but how can you find these gems to begin with?

We’re going to delve into the best tips and tricks you can use to increase your gym membership sales, including how MyMemberSales’ lead management software can help along the way. Ready? Let’s go!

1.      Offer something they can’t resist

Potential members are always going to be weak-kneed for a freebie. To make them even stickier with your gym, try offering them something that they can’t resist. This could be a free trial, three free group fitness classes, or the first month at a reduced rate. Get creative and make sure it’s juicy!

2.      Streamline the sales process with gym sales software

When you’re met with a flood of leads, having lead management software in your toolkit will save you time, help you tackle admin tasks, and never miss a beat in the sales process. It’s a lifesaver!

With MyMemberSales Tasks feature, you can give your team daily to-do lists so they can keep track of all of their duties in one system, while the Interactions feature is the best place to record all communications with leads and schedule upcoming appointments. You can also update the status of leads depending on where they are in the sales funnel. All of these steps ensures that no leads ever slip through the cracks.

MyMemberSales also gives you the reporting tools you need in an attractive dashboard to review your overall sales performance. This gives you full visibility over the sales in your gym and empowers you to make more informed decisions.

3.      Hire the right people

Your sales team are at the frontline and are key to securing more members so they’ve got to have the fab-factor. They need to be personable, friendly without being pushy, and have the drive and motivation to keep up with leads and close sales.

During the hiring process, focus on finding people who will gel with your brand ethos and other staff members. Once you have your perfect team, you can help them become using the MyMemberSales Team Review feature. This feature gives you insights into your team’s performance with a suite of in-depth reports. You can see how your sales staff are tracking against their targets and check overall trends across the team with attractive illustrated reports and graphs.

4.      Stay in touch

After the initial interaction with a lead, such as a chat with them over the phone, make sure you keep in touch so they don’t wander off to a competitor down the road. With MyMemberSales you can update your leads with automated messages. These automated messages could be appointment confirmations if a sales rep has locked in a tour of your facility.

Automated messages can be sent via SMS or email directly from MyMemberSales. Your staff also have the ability to customise each SMS if they wish, and receive responses in the system. All of these communications with leads can be tracked in the My Day module, so it’s super simple for everyone.

These are just a few simply ideas to help you boost your memberships sales and manage your gym leads. If you’d like to take MyMemberSales gym sales software for a test drive, check out this one week free trial.