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Choosing the best gym lead software for your centre

By March 23, 2021News
Choosing the best gym lead software for your centre

There’s a lot to consider when searching for a new lead management system for your gym. It’s going to help you manage one of the most important processes for your business – your leads. Your buying customers. When managed well, this process helps you build long lasting relationships with potential members who could become loyal and long-serving customers of yours. So finding the best solution to meet your needs is vital.

So we thought we’d breakdown some of the key questions you need to consider when looking for your next gym lead management solution.

What problem are you looking to solve with your gym lead software?

First, consider what problems you are experiencing in your centre to warrant the need for a gym lead management solution. Are leads slipping through the cracks and as a result signing up with a competitor? Are sales team members forgetting to follow up with leads after an appointment? Are you experiencing a high volume of leads and you’re worried some are being left unattended?

Finding a tool that can help you automate the lead management process from the moment they are entered is paramount.

With MyMemberSales, you can assign leads to team members as soon as they come in to ensure the workload is fair and even. Also being able to create appointments for leads, send automated reminders and follow-ups for their appointments, and set tasks for sales team members as reminders to follow-up or act on a particular lead process will be so important.

What are your must-have’s in a gym lead tracking solution?

Consider what you believe to be your must-haves in a gym lead tracking solution. Potentially you’re looking for something that’s super easy to use and requires minimal training for your staff, so you can all jump in and start using it ASAP?

Maybe you just want a solution that works and does the job without too many bells and whistles that distract from the essential tasks? Or maybe you want something that gives you in-depth reports and visibility over the leads to sales process so you can make informed decisions in your business?

MyMemberSales is an easy-to-use solution that you and your team can jump into and start using straight away with minimal training required. It’s a simple solution designed to do exactly what you need it to do – manage leads!

Creating a check-list of all the must-have’s you’d like in a solution, followed by the nice-to-have’s will give you a better idea of what solutions on the market will be right for your business.

What kind of reports do you want visibility from?

It’s all well and good to have a solution that helps you manage your leads successfully – that’s the aim of the game after all! But data informed decisions are so important for your business, so make sure to analyse the reporting functionality of your shortlisted solutions.

What kind of data would be useful to your business? Are you hoping to gain visibility of sales team performance, and gain understanding into their sales conversion success? Are you interested to know which leads convert to sales and where exactly they came from? Intelligent reports should be able to tell you all this and more!

Also consider how you want this data served to you. Do you want spreadsheets full of numbers, or would you prefer sleek dashboards that give you an easy-to-read snapshot of where your business is currently sitting?

MyMemberSales comes with sleek dashboards that give you a great summary of how your business and sales team are performing. It’s easy to see at a glance the successful calls that resulted in a booked appointment, as well as walk-ins that lead to successful sales, for instance.

Do you want something that integrates with your existing gym software, or something that can work alongside it?

It’s super important to have a think about whether you want a solution that integrates with your existing software – or if you want to keep it separate as its own standalone solution.

There’s benefits to both and it all comes down to what will work for your business!

MyMemberSales is a product that can work alongside your existing solution – so you can use it to manage your leads coming in and the conversion process to a sale. Once that sale converts to a member, your existing solution will come into play. While you won’t have visibility of your members sales journey in your membership management system, you will have the benefit of zero awkward integrations that never seem to mesh and muddle up your data.

Many MyMemberSales customers choose to use Envibe as their chosen membership management software to use alongside it, due to it being a powerful yet simple software with a fresh look. Click here to learn more!

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