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Corporate fitness programs: bring new business to your gym

By November 21, 2019News
Corporate fitness programs in your gym to attract new gym leads

If your gym is located in the city centre or in a business district area, then listen up, because corporate group fitness is a massive market you need to tap into ASAP. Think about it, if you’re based in a city centre, you have literally thousands of potential members walking past each day – the amount of effort and marketing dollars you would need to acquire them all individually would be astronomical!

Now, flip that thinking… These people walking past very likely work in the nearby building, and within companies within those buildings. Get in front of one key person, like the building manager, or within the company, like the office manager, and suddenly you could have a lot more gym prospects than a minute ago.

So, how can you grab their attention and what can you offer them?

Prep a winning pitch

If you want to offer a corporate fitness program to a local company, you first need to find the right person to state your case to the rest of the business. You won’t be able to speak with everyone, so it’s imperative you pitch to the right person and your efforts aren’t wasted. The person you need to find would likely be the building manager, or the office or HR manager within the company.

In your pitch, make sure to stress that a corporate fitness program benefits both the employees and the employers. When job hunting, employees look for additional perks that could sweeten their day-to-day work life. Corporate wellness programs are proven to boost employee retention rates, improve productivity, elevate company culture, promote team bonding, and better an employee’s personal health. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Go in with corporate fitness program options

Not every company will want, or need, a one-size fits all corporate fitness package, so have a few options in mind to offer your corporate prospect depending on their needs. Some companies might want to offer a wellness program to their employees but would prefer to keep them onsite. They also might have sufficient space to accommodate a fitness program. A freelance instructor could provide them with weekly yoga sessions, HIIT classes, or box fit classes. Anything that is light on resources (ie. skip the kettlebells) would be ideal for these businesses.

Other companies might be more than happy with offering a standard gym membership to each of their members at a discounted rate, or special classes within the gym if attendance can be guaranteed.

Retain members individually

While a corporate fitness program is amazing at attracting a flood of new members to your gym, the other massive pro to it is the retention you will see. Once a member is signed up with a gym, they start to build that familiarity and loyalty on their own terms outside of the company they work for. If they eventually decide to depart from the company, make sure that it doesn’t mean their ties with you also need to be severed.

If they come in to cancel their gym membership as they are moving to another company within the city, make sure to have some strategies in place to keep them. Think about it, the reason they could be cancelling is they may think that now they’re no longer with their company, they will suddenly cop fees or an inflated membership cost from you. Have a plan in place to ensure that the member won’t experience any change to their membership or program – or if changes are necessary then to sub it in for something else of value.

Remember, it’s a lot easier to retain an existing member than to attract a new one!

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