Must-have tools to track gym leads

By September 26, 2018News
woman running on tradmill

Keeping track of the leads who enquire and visit your fitness business is crucial to helping your team close sales and get new members on-board in your gym. If you want to keep better track of your leads and ensure they convert to happy, loyal members, a suite of must-have gym leads management tools can go a long way to helping you achieve your goals.

Read on to find out how MyMemberSales’ gym sales software can help you in the lead management process, and learn about some of the latest and greatest enhancements to its fiercely user-friendly system. If you love what you see, be sure to sign up for our one-week FREE trial and experience its rave-worthy functionality for yourself!

Your gym kiosk

Having a kiosk in your gym to support your sales and reception staff is an absolute must when it comes to capturing leads. It enables leads to still register their details if there are no staff members free when they walk in. It’s also perfect for potential members that prefer more independence in the sales process, enabling you to cater to all sorts of personality types.

MyMemberSales is equipped with a kiosk application which gives your leads an opportunity to register their details and complete waivers before chatting to a sales person if they wish. A new enhancement to MyMemberSales is the lead can sign any digital waiver forms with their own signature, rather than ticking a check-box to notify they understand, agree or comply.

The MyMemberSales kiosk is capable of capturing crucial lead data, such as “What brought you here today?” From here they can select from a list of responses, including:

  • I’m interested in joining
  • I’m here for a casual pass
  • I’m here for a free trial
  • And plenty more!

Your diary and to-do lists

There’s nothing like the good old fashioned diary reimagined to help you keep up with lead activity in your fitness business. The MyMemberSales digital diary is the one place that you and your team members can record all interactions with prospects, book in appointments, and make notes to take actions with leads at agreed times or let the software set up the next contact automatically. For example, the day after their trial ends – essentially starting the conversation about signing them up as a member.

To-do lists are so important in the sometimes fragile lead management process; if one-step is missed, it could mean a missed sale for your fitness business. MyMemberSales ensures you never miss a beat with simple, yet effective, to-do lists, which allows you to assign actionable tasks to your sales team which they can check-off on completion. Nothing more satisfying than crossing a task of a list, right?

Your intelligent reports

Your reporting is your one stop shop to see where you’ve succeeded for the month or quarter. With MyMemberSales, you can access your reporting in real-time in attractive, easy-to-understand graphs and tables. Since it’s all real-time, you can analyse your valuable sales data in its most up-to-date form.

Your MyMemberSales reports are now equipped with super helpful description bubbles for each report type, which explains the kind of report you’re looking at and where the data has come from within your entire reporting system. There are two new reports in your reporting suite as well. These include a “successful calls resulting in appointments booked” report, and a “walk-ins leading to successful sales” report.

Your can also dive into a suite of reports called Team Review, which is designed to help you analyse and evaluate the efforts and results from your sales team. These reports are excellent to pin-point and celebrate their successes and see how they’re tracking with their targets.

For any questions about MyMemberSales, please feel free to get in touch.