Steps to streamlining your gym sales with software

By August 27, 2018News
Steps to streamlining sales with gym sales software

Have you ever looked at the way your team conduct sales within your gym and wonder if there are ever any leads that slip through the cracks? Without clear, defined steps there very well could be a few that slip away, especially if you’ve just run a big successful promotion and experience a surge of enquiries.

With MyMemberSales gym sales software you can prevent your hard-earned leads from slipping through the cracks by streamlining and tracking your entire sales process from enquiry to sign-up. Here’s how:

Achieve an enquiry

Congratulations! Your lead just enquired online and they’re interested in learning more about your gym memberships. If you have used the embeddable MyMemberSales web form, the enquiry will appear in your system immediately – no manual entry necessary!

Time to bring out the big guns – your sales team. You can sign the perfect sales team member for the job in MyMemberSales.

Keep track of interactions using our gym sales software

Your sales person can take it from here. They give your potential new member a call and have a chat about the membership packages on offer. Your sales person invites the lead to come in and have a tour of the gym. The lead is more than happy to and they each agree on a time.

Once your sales person is off the phone, they update the leads record and make an appointment in MyMemberSales two days from now to give the lead a grand tour of the gym. You can view this appointment in the Diaries tool.

Trigger automated messages

The sales person can then move on to other tasks as MyMemberSales will take it from here. This game-changing gym sales software solution helps automate the entire sales process – including keeping up with leads in the sales funnel.

MyMemberSales will automatically trigger an SMS or email communication to leads depending on their status. This means that the lead that has the appointment for two days from now will receive a confirmation SMS for the appointment reminding them of their booking, depending on your configuration.

Update the lead’s status

The lead comes in for their appointment and your sales person escorts them around the facilities, providing them with all the need-to-know details about the gym. The lead is convinced that the gym is perfect for their training needs and signs up on the day, resulting in a successful sale for your business.

Your sales person then updates the lead status as complete so that you can see it as a successful sale in your reports.

Report on your success

MyMemberSales is packed with attractive graphs and data spreads that can help your report on your successes and pin-point areas of improvement. It provides you with statistical feedback through a boldly visual reporting dashboard so you can easily analyse the data. This data includes key metrics such as the enquiry source, how many appointments were made, and why an unsuccessful lead dropped off.

MyMemberSales also comes with a team review feature which helps you report on the successes of your sales team. This suite of reports offers data such as the number of successful sales they made to help you better understand where they are achieving and what areas may need improvement.

Curious and want to take MyMemberSales for a test drive? You can try this gym sales software free for one week – just get in touch!