Connect. Convert. Grow.

Give your sales team the tools they need to capture and convert new members.

Introducing MyMemberSales, the latest solution for gyms and health clubs seeking to drive more memberships. It’s super simple to set up and use with no installs!

Connect smarter

Let MyMemberSales automate your lead and prospect sales process from start to finish.

MyMemberSales lets you connect with leads automatically, so your sales team can step in at the right moment to seal the deal.

Convert better

Keep your sales team on track and drive more sales with easy-to-use tasks and diaries.

Acquire awesome business intelligence on your sales performance.

Make the journey from lead to sale seamless, with your Sales Manager able to access a high level view of all team tasks, diaries and performance.

Grow faster

MyMemberSales makes growing your fitness club’s member base easier than ever before.


Enter lead

  • Automatic or manual

Check for duplicates

  • Ignore, treat as new lead or link lead records

Manage lead status

  • Manage sales process from initial inquiry to sale

Trigger interactions

  • Automatically trigger email or SMS to lead
  • Automate workflow for sales person

Register outcome of interaction

  • Trigger secondary interaction
  • Create sales appointment
  • Update lead status

Report on results

  • Available at any stage of the sales process