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MyMemberSales for sales teams

Explore the features and benefits MyMemberSales lead management software offers your sales managers and sales team.

MyMemberSales for

sales managers

MyMemberSales for

sales teams

MyMemberSales gym lead management tool has a simple interface that your team will love to work with! It provides daily to-do lists, appointment scheduling, and a simple way to record all interactions that the sales team have with your prospects, all in one place.

The benefits for sales teams

MyMemberSales gives your sales team an easier way to see and action daily tasks. They can view details of their conversations with leads, record any new activities, book appointments and ensure they don’t miss an opportunity.

A busy schedule won’t get in the way of keeping on top of their leads and they won’t need to try and remember every little action they need to take with their leads – MyMemberSales is there to support them and prompt them when they need to follow up, and help them work more efficiently in the long run.


MyMemberSales gives your team daily to-do lists, so they’ll never miss a step in the sales journey.


The perfect place for the team to document interactions and schedule appointments with prospects.

Automated messages

Send automated texts and emails to leads, such as appointment confirmations, to help keep you constantly in touch. A lead will be able to respond to the text message, and the allocated sales person will be notified.

Walk-in data capture

This kiosk style application will help you capture walk-in lead data so you can track the customers who have never enquired with you before their first visit to your club. This application also enables existing leads to sign any waivers you may need.

Reception module

Reception has a full dairy view to see which sales members have allocated appointments, and which sales members might be free to assist walk-in leads. The receptionist can also leave messages for your sales team if they happened to miss a lead’s call.

MyMemberSales for your

sales managers

Learn more about how MyMemberSales can work for your sales managers and help them manage the sales journey.


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