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MyMemberSales Gym Membership Software for sales managers

Explore the benefits and tools MyMemberSales' gym membership software offers your sales managers and sales team.

MyMemberSales for

sales managers

MyMemberSales for

sales teams

MyMembersales has been engineered specifically to help sales managers keep on top of the sales process. We know they need a simpler, more efficient way to capture, organise and manage leads and enquiries, so we have the perfect gym sales solution.

The benefits for sales managers

MyMembersales gym lead management tool puts sales managers in control of all stages of the lead management process and gives them visibility over all of the sales activity within your fitness centre. The real-time reports provide valuable business intelligence and help highlight how successful your gym’s sales interactions are.

Lead allocation

Allocate leads to team members as soon as they come in, so you can match the best sales person to your new prospect and ensure a smooth conversion.

Oversee the sales process

Sales managers have a high level view of the sales team’s tasks, diaries, and performance to make sure the journey from lead to sale is seamless.

Real-time reporting

Access statistical feedback in MyMemberSales’ attractive reporting dashboard so you can analyse your valuable sales data – and see how many new sales you’ve achieved!

Team review

A suite of reports designed to help you review the efforts and successes of your sales team, so you can better understand their abilities and commitment to converting leads.

MyMemberSales for your

sales team

Learn more about how MyMemberSales can work for your sales team and keep them on track to success.


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Learn exactly how MyMemberSales gym membership software can help your sales managers handle leads and enquiries with a one week FREE trial!