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Generate More Gym Leads with MyMemberSales Gym Membership Software

MyMemberSales gym membership software is designed to help you manage leads and track sales – giving you the most valuable tool in your gym.

Connect, convert, and grow your member base with MyMemberSales.


MyMemberSales automated system allows triggered texts or emails to send when you need them to.

Has your lead booked an appointment to come and have a look around your fitness club? MyMemberSales will automatically send them a booking confirmation text or email, keeping you constantly in touch with your leads.


MyMemberSales ensures that nothing slips through the cracks, and any leads you gain will have an awesome opportunity of converting to valuable sales.

The easy-to-use tasks and diaries tool will keep your sales team on track by giving them a place to record all interactions with leads and book any appointments. It will also prompt them when they need to take action with a lead.


Keep on top of leads and ensure they experience a smooth sales journey to watch your member base grow, and grow!

Track your gym lead generation progress and achievements using the intelligent reporting tool. Analyse key details such as who converted, their enquiry source, interactions before a conversion, and so much more.

From the initial connection with your team.

To a successful sale and happy new member.

The sales journey

MyMemberSales gym sales software gives your team a structured sales journey, from entering the lead to reporting on the results.

Free trial

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