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Gym Membership Software Features

Looking for a comprehensive gym membership software solution? MyMemberSales will help you boost gym leads in your business while streamlining the process for your sales team.

MyMembersales has a range of simple and efficient tools for managing your leads and helping them through the sales journey.


Give your team daily to do lists so they can easily keep track of their tasks and never miss a step in the sales journey.


The perfect place to record all interactions with leads and schedule upcoming appointments with prospects.

Automated messages

Keep your new leads in the loop by sending automated texts or emails, such as appointment confirmations.

Lead allocation

Sales Managers can allocate a new lead as soon as it comes in to the best sales person for the job.


Statistical feedback provided in an attractive reporting dashboard so you can easily analyse valuable sales data.

Team review

A suite of reports designed to help you review the efforts and successes of your sales team, so you can better understand their abilities.

Walk-in data capture

This kiosk style application will help you capture walk-in lead data so you can still keep track of leads offline.

Reception module

The reception module helps your receptionist monitor and track leads when the sales team is already occupied, so you’ll never miss an opportunity.

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MyMemberSales has plenty of features to help your sales managers and sales team. Explore the features that will help them achieve their goals!

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