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MyMemberSales is a game-changing gym membership software solution helping generate leads for the fitness industry.

MyMemberSales is a mobile-friendly gym membership software solution that’s easy to use and set up with zero installs required.

It has a simple, attractive, and fiercely functional user-interface that will help gyms and health clubs of all sizes connect, convert, and grow their member bases.

Gyms and health clubs either small, large or multi-site can use MyMemberSales to keep track of their leads and ensure they convert to happy, loyal members.

MyMemberSales has a range of powerful tools from tasks and diaries to help keep your team organised, automated messages to keep your potential members in the loop, and sleek reporting to analyse exactly how your business is performing.

With MyMemberSales, you will drive sales.

MyMemberSales is brought to you by Jonas Leisure – the go to people empowering fitness and leisure providers to realise new heights for their businesses. We bring together a leading range of products that are designed to give you options and ensure you find the right fit every time. Our 24/7 support and Software for Life policy mean you’ll have excellent customer service and a lifetime’s access to upgrades and enhancements.


Find out how our gym membership software can help you drive gym leads and grow your member base.