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Top reasons your gym leads aren’t converting

By February 23, 2021News
top reasons gym leads are not converting

Have you ever been so excited when you see a full pipeline of gym leads sitting in your sales funnel, and anticipating a huge percentage of them to convert to sales and long-term members? But for some reason, hardly any of them convert at all and seem to disappear into the abyss?

There’s nothing worse than seeing your gym lead generation efforts go to waste, so what are some of the reasons your gym leads might not be converting, and how you can address them?

You need a clearer gym sales process

The sales process needs to be super clear and structured to both your sales staff and your leads. Without structure or clear expectations, important steps in the sales process will be missed and delayed follow-ups will mean that a competitor gets your lead’s business – not you.

Make sure you outline the sales process to your staff and highlight the goals you want achieved at each step. These goals might include booking in a follow-up appointment, a gym tour, a meeting with one of the PTs, or a free trial with the lead.

Adopting a consistent approach across the board will mean more consistent results.

You need the right systems in place

Something that will help your team stay consistent during the sales process is a gym lead management system that can help you track your lead to sales conversion process.

MyMemberSales’ gym lead management technology helps you stay organised and track your leads so those all-important steps in the sales process are never missed again!

Some of MyMemberSales fan-favourite solutions include:

  • Add web forms to your website which funnels the lead straight into MyMemberSales. This makes it so easy to make sure all leads from your website are accounted for and tracked.
  • Keep track of interactions with the lead, make future appointments, and set reminders to follow-up or take action on a lead so crucial steps in the sales process don’t slip through the cracks!
  • Trigger automatic SMS or email communications to the lead, such as appointment confirmations and reminders, to make sure the lead doesn’t no-show for their gym tour or free trial.
  • See the success of your sales team, reasons why a lead dropped off, and common enquiry sources through powerful report data and dashboards which help maximise the success of your business.

You can try MyMemberSales for FREE here today – click here to learn more.

You need a softer sales approach

Some leads may respond better to pushy and aggressive sales tactics – like persistent phone calls. However, most leads may need a bit of nurturing before they’re ready to dive in. While a structured sales process is of course important, each lead is a real person at the end of the day. They are on their own journeys with the gym.

Some may be seasoned professionals who know exactly what they want in a gym, but are shopping around for a cheap membership. Others may be brand new to a gym environment and feel overwhelmed by their choices and may need more nurturing while they decide.

Things that can help you nurture your gym lead include meeting with a PT to outline their goals and the steps that could be taken to achieve them, or offering them a free PT session to show them the ropes. Also having a walk through gym tour that focusses more on explaining the different equipment, and introducing them to group fitness classes which are more approachable than the gym floor are great to get the lead more comfortable and familiar with your particular gym.

Make sure there’s timely follow-up

Last, but definitely not least, make sure you follow up with your lead in a timely manner. As soon as a lead expresses interest or enters your MyMemberSales gym lead tracking system, they should be assigned to a sales member and contact within 24 hours. It may seem like a straightforward and obvious step, but often times it can be so easily missed.

Likewise, the follow-up timing is just as important. If your leads says to give them a day to think about it, give them a day then follow-up with them. If you set time-frames for your lead, like saying you will get the paperwork to them after your session, then get it to them then. Not a day or two later – that’s when your lead will most likely have moved onto a competitor.

For more gym lead tracking and management tips, don’t forget to check out the resources page on our website right here!