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3 campaigns to coax new gym leads to your business

By June 26, 2019News

Winter, otherwise known as the slow season for most gyms and fitness centres, can feel like an almost impossible time to attract new leads to convert to new, loyal members. So what are some campaigns you can start implementing today to coax new gym leads to your centre and combat the de-motivating chilly weather?

Summer bodies are made in winter

Kick off a campaign that potential members won’t be able to miss. You’ve heard that old saying “summers bodies are made in the winter” and that’s because it’s true! Rome wasn’t built in a day when it comes to health and fitness. Often it’s a long road and seeing any sort of progress can take at least a few months.

If you’re eager to ramp up your gym lead generation during winter, focus on promoting this exact message in a marketing campaign. Why wait when you can start now? Build this campaign around helping new gym leads kick start their fitness journeys with personalised or pre-designed plans, a free personal training session, a nutrition plan, as well as a goodie bag. You can pack this with supplement samples, vouchers, and merchandise – don’t forget the business cards too though!

12 week fitness reset challenge

8 week and 12 week challenges aren’t just a great way to get your existing members involved and working out in your gym more frequently – it’s also an amazing gym lead generation tactic. Whenever someone is looking to re-start their fitness journey, they’re often at a loss as to where and how to even begin.

By offering a fitness reset challenge with structured meal plans, group fitness activities that thrive on peer motivation, body scans, and access to trainers, often you’re providing exactly what new gym leads are looking for: help and a fresh start. Time this challenge to finish at the start of summer to really get your challengers motivated!

Rewards program for referring gym leads

If you’re looking to boost your gym lead generation, turn your focus to your existing gym members. Often they have an entire network of friends, family and work colleagues that they could rave to about your fitness centre.

To tap into this expansive network, kickstart a campaign targeting your existing gym members. Structure your messaging around a rewards system where both the referee and referral are rewarded for any new sign-ups. This reward might be a discount on their membership, a free personal training session, or even just a bag of gym merchandise. Send out email and SMS communications direct to your gym members and put a time limit on it so they feel the urgency to take action today. Then just watch your new gym leads flock in!

A few extra tips…

Some extra tips that are always a winner to gym leads and could help you stand out from the competition, are:

  • Reduced or zero joining fees
  • No contract periods and instead offer month-to-month payments plans
  • No cancellation fees
  • Free consultation with a personal trainer
  • Complimentary group fitness session
  • One week free trial
  • Reduced membership fees for returning members
  • Discounts for referrals

These are just a few campaign ideas to combat the winter chill and coax new gym leads to your fitness centre today.

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