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Stand out from the competition with gym membership sales software

By February 20, 2020News
standing out from the competition with gym membership sales software

In any business, there is always going to be fierce competition waiting at the sidelines to challenge you despite having a great offering and effective gym sales team on board. But if you find that you’re losing leads to other gyms around you, it may be time to look at ways that you can stand out from the competition and be the new go-to for the market. Here’s a few tips, including the help of MyMemberSales gym membership sales software, to get you started today!

Find your point of difference

In a world where there are so many gym and fitness options around, particularly in the major cities, it’s important to find the magic that sets you apart form all the rest. You need to find your point of difference to not only attract new members initially, but to help them see the value in your offering over a competitor’s.

Start by evaluating your direct, local competitors. What do they offer in terms of fitness styles, equipment, membership prices, inclusions, and additional services? What kinds markets do they target and attract? Once you have a better idea of the competitor landscape, you can start to carve out your own lane and find your unique offering.

Target an under-served market

One way to find your point of difference is finding a market that is under-served, but very present. A market where there’s demand, and not nearly enough supply – if any at all! This could be your sweet spot for standing out against the competition.

This could be things like a female only lifting gym or a functional training gym at a more affordable price point than others. Soul Cycle is a great example of a niche gym idea. They carved out their own lane in the market and put a new *spin* on spin classes (pun intended). They teamed high energy instructors, with what they describe as transformative energetic music, in dark candlelit rooms to create their own unique workout experience.

Have next level customer service

It may come as no surprise that to make yourself stand out from the competition and make that winning first impression, that you need to have next level customer service. We’re not just talking good service. We mean above and beyond service.

This means getting to know your members by name and pieces of information about them. One thing to keep in mind with your communications with your members and potential members, is to keep everything GENUINE. It’s all well and good to pay people compliments, but it needs to come across as genuine to have the maximum effect.

Have great gym membership sales software backing you

You can do everything within your power to attract new members to your gym, but without quality gym lead tracking software in your toolkit leads will begin to slip through the cracks. When customers search for a new gym, they don’t often look at just one. They will evaluate all the gyms in the area and assess their suitability. As a result, it’s so important to track and keep in touch with these leads as they bounce around to other gyms using the free trials on offer before they commit.

With MyMemberSales gym sales software you can keep your leads from slipping through the cracks by tracking your entire sales process from enquiry to sign-up. Here’s some simple steps MyMemberSales streamlines for you:

  • Entering an enquiry into your gym sales software
    MyMemberSales has forms which you can embed on your website, so anytime a lead enquires online, they’ll automatically be entered into your gym lead tracking software.
  • Track your lead and make appointments
    Once your lead is in MyMemberSales, your sales team get in touch with the lead and arrange a time for them to visit them gym and check out your facilities. All they need to do is updates the lead’s record and enter the appointment time in MyMemberSales. This can then be viewed in the diaries tool of MyMemberSales.
  • Trigger automated messages
    MyMemberSales will take it from here so your sales team member can move onto focussing on other leads and nurturing sales. MyMemberSales gym sales software solution helps automate the entire sales process – including keeping up with leads in the sales funnel. The system will automatically trigger an SMS or email communication to leads depending on their status. For example, if a lead has an appointment approaching in two days, they will receive a confirmation SMS reminding them of their booking. This can all be configured in a way that suits your gym best.
  • Update the lead’s status
    When a lead is converted, resulting in a successful sale, all your team member needs to do is update the lead status as complete which will end the tracking process. From here, you’ll be able to see this lead as a successful sale in your reports. MyMemberSales gym reporting software is packed with easy to read graphs and data dashboards that help you report on your success and analyse areas for improvement. Some of the data you’ll find are things like enquiry source, number of appointments made, and lead drop-off metrics.

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