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Secrets to the perfect sales pitch for gym leads

By September 26, 2019News

Is there a magic formula to a sales pitch for gym leads? Something that will give you the best chance of converting your gym leads to actual sales? The main thing to keep in mind when crafting your perfect sales pitch is to remember that there is no one-size-fits all pitch that will convert every prospect that sets foot in your gym. You will need to shape and morph your approach to cater the range of personalities and backgrounds of people that will set foot in front of you.

Keep this in mind and you’re half-way there to securing the secrets to a perfect sales pitch!

Get to know your gym leads

From the moment a lead sets foot in your gym, you should be getting to know as much about them as possible. Start off by meeting them at the front desk and kick things off by having a chat to understand them as a person and their likes, dislikes, wants and needs. The aim of the game here is to build a rapport with them – something any natural sales person has a knack for!

But it goes beyond that – it’s a chance to get to know their reasons for being in your gym in the first place. Are they looking to kick start their fitness journey and may need the help of a personal trainer? Are they a seasoned gym goer who has just moved to the area and wants to know the specifics around the equipment you offer? Or are they an avid class attendee and want to know all about your class schedule.

Ask them essential questions, such as where they are located in relation to your gym, as well as their past experiences with gyms, so you can start preparing for any objections that may arise later in the sales pitch. You will have all sorts of people from all sorts of background stand before you, so understanding their motives and intentions is a massive first step to closing the sale.

Give the grand tour

Once you’ve had a chat and gotten to know your lead face-to-face – it’s time to take them on the grand tour. Try not to race through this part, as it gives your potential member the perfect opportunity to see everything. It also gives you the opportunity to focus on the areas that will appeal to your lead since you’ve gotten to know them pretty well now! If they will spend most of their time in the weights section, spend your time there and go through the equipment. If they love their group fitness classes, take them to the class space and go through the class schedule in detail.

Chat value, not price

When it’s time to talk about membership costs, make sure you don’t just focus on the price of the membership. Keep looping the discussion back to the value the potential member will experience with their membership fees. If there are additional costs, such as sign-up fees, make sure to mention that it will include a merchandise pack upon sign-up. By ensuring that the lead sees value in your gym and offerings before hard costs are discussed, you’re going to have a much easier time closing the sale in the end.

Overcome objections

It’s to be expected that you’ll experience a few objections and roadblocks in the sales discussion. Maybe your gym isn’t 24/7 and the lead doesn’t love that, or maybe your membership costs are higher than their expectations? Take the time to address each objection as they arise, and speak directly and confidently to your lead, so they feel reassured that there really is no issue.

Ask the magic question

When it comes time to close the sale, simply ask the magic question! Your lead may want to go away and think through all the information first, but they also might be ready to sign up on the spot! Use basic body language, such as good eye contact and keeping your shoulders back, to convey confidence when you ask the question directly. It’s amazing what confidence can do in the sales process!

Keep track of your gym leads

If your lead does need to take a bit of time to think it all through, make sure you are keeping track of them every step of the way so they don’t drop off into the abyss. Using a gym lead management tool like MyMemberSales will give you regular prompts to follow-up with the lead and pop down notes of any interactions you have with the lead. It’s the secret sauce to making sure a sale is closed if a lead needs some time to think!

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