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New Year’s resolution leads: keep them keen using gym sales software

By November 27, 2018News
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New Year’s is the one time where hordes of people set themselves goals for the new year – and 2019 will be no different. Often those goals involve joining a gym, getting healthy, and making changes. The problem with New Year’s resolutions is they can be fleeting – given every ounce of effort and attention one week, then discarded like a distant memory the next.

This is the audience that needs most of your attention to help keep them motivated and turn them from a gym hopeful into a gym junkie. Or, for you, turning them from a lead into a loyal member.

Here are some tips of how your gym sales software can help.

Know where your lead is

At every point in the lead’s journey you have to know exactly where they sit in the conversion flow to help you determine when you need to step in and nudge them in the right direction.

Use your diary and to-do lists within MyMemberSales gym sales software to make sure every interaction, appointment, and conversation with a lead is recorded. The sales manager can use the to-do lists feature to assign tasks to sales team members, such as following up with a lead after their trial with a phone call. These tasks can be ticked off once they’re completed.

Engage with them regularly

Motivating your leads to stay on track with their goals isn’t easy work, especially when they’re not already in your gym and working out. It’s a lot harder to engage in face to face conversation with them. That’s where your automated messaging can come in handy so at least you can stay top of mind.

Through MyMemberSales, you can keep in touch via SMS reminders whenever they have an appointment coming up, when their free trial has ended, and if you haven’t heard from them in a while. At whatever stage you feel is important to touch base with your lead in a friendly-reminder way, do so.

Amp up your marketing

Just because your lead isn’t in the gym with your talented sales team, doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with them on a daily basis. Really amp up your marketing at this time of year. Encourage new leads to follow your social media pages, especially Instagram and Facebook, and sign up to your emails.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for leads on the fence and flaky with their motivation. By posting inspiring content such as your current gym members enjoying your facility, flaunting the community you’ve worked hard to build, and sharing informative and helpful tips on motivation and keeping healthy can do wonders to push your lead over the line to a happy member.

Your emails are just as powerful, and can feel so much more direct that social media posts. Through your email marketing you can communicate similar messages of community, knowledge and a supportive environment which might just be the thing your lead needs. You can remind leads of the great offer you have on for New Year’s sign-ups.

Offer them a deal

Around New Year’s, one of the most tantalising things are promotions. Boxing Day has been and gone, but people are still receptive to a good bargain. Particularly if it’s the thing that’s going to push them to finally commit to their goal for better health by joining a gym.

When constructing your New Year’s promotion, give them something they can’t resist. This could be anything from one month free when they sign up, to an irresistible refer-a-friend deal so mates can motivate each other, to three free PT sessions. The opportunities are endless.

Your competitors will also be trying to capture this market at this time of year, so go into friendly competition with the upper arm. They’ll be offering up deals too so make sure you’re running something that your leads won’t be able to resist.

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you keep leads keen over New Year’s with the help of MyMemberSales gym sales software. If you’d like to take MyMemberSales for a test drive yourself, click here.