4 lead generation ideas for gyms and fitness centres

By October 17, 2018News
lead generation ideas for gyms - lead enjoying the gym

New members – how the heck can you find them? With a market that is growing evermore saturated with HIIT clubs, Pilates studios and CrossFit gyms, how can you beat the competition and find fresh fitness junkies for your business? How can you find those leads so you can secure more gym membership sales?

It all starts with what you’re doing to grab a new member’s attention and reel them in hook, line and sinker. If you need a little inspo for how you can generate a few more for your fitness centre (including using our sales software) keep on reading.

Create a lead magnet

To attract leads, you first need something enticing to capture their interest. This could be in the form of a social media ad or Google ad, an email campaign, or a collab with a complementary local business such as a supplement shop or health food café.

A lead magnet is something your target market sees value in and would be willing to trade their details in return for what you’re offering. The magnet is the tid-bit that draws them in – an offer so irresistible they feel compelled to click.

One infamous example of a lead magnet is offering freebies. Everyone loves a freebie. As a gym, there’s so much you can offer your prospects. From a free PT session to a nutrition guide, a workout plan, or a classic week free trial. (We too have a week free trial up for grabs… Hint, hint).

Another great lead magnet is hosting a fitness challenge that is open to everyone – non-members especially! This is a great way for you to spend 6-12 weeks with a lot of one-on-one time with prospects and show them absolutely everything you have to offer, while building what will hopefully be a long term relationship with them.

Encourage raving online reviews

Humans are social beings and your potential customers are no exception. They want to know what their peers think. What are they loving, or not, and should they be following suit? Reviews are the number one place people go to vent their grievances or sing their praises about your business.

Google, Facebook, and Yelp are all at the top of the list when a lead wants to know the experiences and opinions of current members. Think about it, it’s how they gauge if you’re going to be a good fit for them.

While you can’t fully control what your members say about you online, you can take opportunities as they come to ensure the inter-webs is being flooded with more words from raving fans, and less from the naysayers.

Next time you’re chatting with a member in person and they’re giving you great feedback, make sure you ask them if they would mind writing their kind words down in a Google or Facebook review. Trust us, it could be the clincher that makes gym leads lead hit that enquiry button and sign up.

Step up your social media game

Social media is the best place for you to get in front of members and leads alike long after your staff have gone home for the evening. It’s the kind of place where you can socialise with your target market and serve up content they want to engage with. Things like tips for improving their nutrition, quick but effective workouts, and recipe ideas.

When you share interesting and relevant content with your audience, they will be more open to the more sales-y content you post, because they won’t feel like they’re being sold to all the time. They’ll be more receptive to what you’re offering, and ultimately your lead generation campaigns will be more effective in the long run.

When the time comes for a harder sell, Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to get results.

Keep track of leads when they roll in

Once you generate your leads, you need to keep track of them to ensure they don’t drop off the grid. MyMemberSales gym sales software can help you track the entire lead process from enquiry through to sale. The lead will appear instantly in your system if they have lodged an enquiry via your special MyMemberSales web form embedded on your website or Facebook page

Once the lead is in the system, your sales team can swoop in and take the lead. They can log all of their interactions with the lead in MyMemberSales, follow to-do lists so they never forget to follow up with a lead, and book in appointments to show the lead around your gym.

Via MyMemberSales, you can also set up triggered automated messages, to ensure the lead is kept in the loop at all times. If they have an upcoming appointment, you can send an automated confirmation text so they won’t forget their booking. To learn more about a lead’s journey with MyMemberSales, be sure to read this blog or for a free trial follow this link.